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Recorded / mixed at Karme Choling Meditation Center, Ashoka Bhavan, in our bedroom, in my car, in the Staff Space, in Barnet Vermont, early summer, late nights of 2016. This album is loosely based on a hexagram from the ancient Chinese system of divination called the I Ching. The theme of this album is hexagram 15, which is most commonly translated from the Chinese as "Humility" or "Modesty." The first song of the record corresponds with the first (bottom) line of the hexagram; the second song corresponds with the second line of the hexagram, etc. The songs in this collection were in creative gestation for between four years and two weeks before being distilled into this album. I don't know exactly what all the lyrics in these songs mean. I also can't tell how successful this album is at communicating humility / modesty, but I hope it can at least spark some contemplation of these themes. I have found that to be very helpful for me personally. The name of the album, "Be A Tiger," is the way I have chosen to translate "Humility." The tiger is an animal that embodies strength, beauty, power, and a lack of arrogance. So to "be a tiger" is to be humble in the fullest sense. I hope you enjoy Be A Tiger and I hope that through the power of your own humility you can really, truly be a tiger.

Backup vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 by Patrick, Emily, and Sabina. Track 2 is dedicated to Nick Widomski of Brattleboro, VT (1990-2015).
Special thanks to Emily for her magical insight, her many hours of support, love, and encouragement, and for letting me use her bedroom all the time for 2 months to make this album.


released July 6, 2016

Backup vocals: Emily F., Patrick S., Sabina K.




Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass Vermont

An experiment in giving birth to the music in my heart.

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